The 1st Cyber Security & Cyber Law Conference 2015 held with great success !!!


General Information

Date:             19– 21February 2015 (Thursday–Saturday)

Venue:          Hotel Yak and Yeti, Durbarmarg, Kathmandu

Title:              Information Technology Security & Law Conference 2015

Theme:         Secure you Secure Nation




ITSERT-NP had organized The 1st International Conference on Cyber Security and Cyber Law 2015 with the theme “Secure you SecureNation.” This conference was first of its kind in Nepal with the objective of providing a creative and productive platform for the professional in the field of Information Technology Security and Cyber Law. We at, ITSERT-NP, felt that professionals in the field of cyber security and cyber law form a large part of the information society. But, they lacked enough exposure and experience to cope with the challenges as well as to grasp the vistas of opportunities with which they would be welcomed when they enter the professional IT realm. With the motive of empowering such new generation ITSERT-NP, had started organizing various programs sticking to its objective. Moreover, it was noted that the speakers of the above-mentioned conference were the experienced experts, several CSIRT representatives who shared their experience on cyber security incident response.


The program was held on 19 – 21 February2015 (Thursday –Saturday) at Hotel Yak and Yeti, Durbarmarg, Kathmandu, Nepal. The participants of the program were professionals, lawyers, security experts, students, government employee, enterprise businessmen from different organization, IT professionals, other interested members of society.



Information Technology Security Emergency Response Team of Nepal  (ITSERT-NP), organized this conference for the first time in Nepal with the primary objective of spreading awareness about cyber security and cyber law to the people and organizations as well as enabling them to identify their role in this sector. The objectives of this conference were as follows:

  • To provide CSIRT representatives and IT Security experts to demonstrate and share their gained knowledge and make their mark in IT arena.
  • To establish a CSIRT community in Nepal.
  • To empower and encourage the participation in understanding Cyber Security.
  • To accumulate the demands and challenges of professionals in IT sector.
  • To understand the gap between technology and law with the present security threats and challenges.
  • To provide inputs and/or recommendations to help address legal issues related to cyber security.
  • To act as a central platform for cyber security to meet and strengthen regional cooperation


Organizer of the Event

Information Technology Security Emergency Response Team, Nepal (ITSERT-NP) is a forum for all ICT Security Professional, entrepreneurs and Organizations in Nepal. ITSERT-NP is non-profitable and non-political organization established in 2014 with main objectives of enhancing local and international cooperation on Information Security IT Security awareness to every level of personnel by organizing different level of programs on different base along with updated and suitable resources. The forum targets at the security of IT Sectors, by making active participation in all events. It aims at providing its members with an environment where their skill, expertise and professionalism can groom and mature so that they can be in better position. The primary objective of ITSERT-NP is to bring together the IT security professional of the country under a single umbrella and become their united voice and slogan as well. ITSERT-NP provides the services of incident response and incident handling to its members and other organizations and people who really need for it and request to ITSERT-NP.



  • The IT Security professionals were the speakers of the conference.
  • Papers from APCERT and FIRST and its member economies
  • Professional papers from the industry expert.
  • Speaker were selected after receiving abstract sent by professional.

The Delegates

The event received 100 national and international delegates and guests from the world. They were mainly representing national and private CSIRT communities, Professionals and IT experts, CIO, COO and other interested delegates.


Highlights of the conference

  • Updated knowledge on key security areas that matter both locally and globally, commercially and personally.
  • Understand emerging technologies and the security issues.
  • Prominent speakers from CSIRT communities.
  • Sharing knowledge and experience by personal meeting at the time of conference.
  • Keynotes by famous visionaries and pioneers of the IT security sector
  • Powerful conference agenda to keep you up to date.
  • Focused tracks covering the entire spectrum of the ICT paradigm


Track of the conference

  • Cyber Crime and Cyber Law
  • Incident Handling
  • Digital Forensic Techniques, Tools and Law
  • Fraud on Financial Inclusion and Payment Instrument
  • Sexual Abuse of Children on Internet and Security Standards
  • E-Governance and Secured IT Infrastructure
  • Certifications on Information Security
  • New Threats on Information Security